Pricing structure built for organizations of all sizes

Always know what you’ll pay

fancybox Pay as you go
No contracts and you ONLY pay for successful registrations.
fancybox 501(c)3 discounts
We love supporting non-profits and offer a significant discount for 501(c)3 organizations.
fancybox Not percent-based
Pay the same small flat fee for every successful registration.
fancybox Refunded fees
When you refund a participant, we refund credit card fees and half of our fees.
fancybox Per successful registration
We only charge a small flat fee when someone successfully registers.
fancybox Fast deposits
We deposit funds on a 2-business day rolling basis. Other deposit intervals available.
fancybox Low credit card fees
We match the industry standard when you accept a credit card payment.
fancybox FREE onboarding
We don't charge a fee to get started.
fancybox Low ACH fees
We match the industry standard when you accept an ACH payment.
fancybox FREE customer support
We don't charge to teach you how to use our application.

We offer 3 packages to choose from based on your organization’s needs

Our Professional Package (Do It Yourself) is geared towards the do-it-yourselfers. In a nutshell, we create your account, start the engine, give you a tour and overview of your new car and what it can do, and hand you the keys to drive yourself wherever you want to go.

Our All-Star and Hall of Fame Packages (Full Service) remove you from the day-to-day mundane tasks (e.g. setting up your registration links, payments, processing refunds, running reports, dealing with customer support, etc.) and allow us, the experts at running and simplifying sports organizations, to act as an extension of your team to take this work off your plate.

Turn your phone horizontal
Professional All-Star Hall of Fame

Account creation and branding

We will create your Team Sports Admin account and match the design to your brand and current website.

Unlimited access to all features

No matter which package you go with, you get all the features of Team Sports Admin, including:

  • Easily communicating with everyone in your organization
  • Payment reporting
  • Multiple payment options
  • Sending email receipts with the ability to add custom notes
  • Collecting sales tax for specific events
  • Incomplete registration reporting
  • Scholarship options
  • Invoicing options
  • An easy-to-use calendar to keep everyone on the same page
  • Online document signing & organization
  • The option to add the best eSignature solution when you enable our DocuSign™ integration
  • Accessing the coaches portal
  • Accepting/denying spots on teams
  • Creating custom fields
  • Signing up for a family account
  • Offline payment options
  • Exporting data
  • Donations
  • And much more

Unlimited users

We charge you for each successful registration, not for how many users you have. So as your customer base grows, you don't have to worry about paying us more every month based on your user count. Whether you have 10 users or 100,000, we only charge you for registration or payment transactions.

Unlimited email sending

Use our HTML email builder to quickly communicate with different segments of your organization. From individuals to specific coaches, teams, seasons, and events, we make it easy to communicate with your organization without having to pay extra. You can also see how those emails performed and take action with our powerful email reporting.

Jump start program

We will walk you step-by-step through our best practices so you are up and running as quickly and smoothly as possible. This gives you, and your participants, the best experience right from the get-go.

Championship level support (We are here to help!)

We have a dedicated support team available via email and phone to help you with any questions you may have after your Jump Start Program and anything that may come up in the future.

Customer success manager and team

We’ve been told over and over again by our most successful customers that the biggest driver of their organization's growth came when they chose either our All-Star or Hall of Fame package. This is when one of our account experts was assigned and became a part of their team as their very own Customer Success Manager.

You’ll get someone who is passionate about helping you simplify your life and will be the single point of contact inside Team Sports Admin in charge of running your account on a day-to-day basis.

Your Customer Success Manager comes with a dedicated team to help run the day-to-day activities inside your account. This really is a game changer for our customers, and we love seeing the transformation and growth that happens from here.

We create your events

We help create and set up your events within our application. We use our own best practices honed over the years to ensure your participants have a first-class experience throughout the entire process. We know the right questions to ask to make sure you’re thinking everything through to the end to avoid more work for yourself down the road.

We manage your events

If you need to make a change during an active event, let us know and we will get right on it. Examples include changing a participant from one group to another, performing refunds, updating participant information, and more. We are here to do it for you, so you don't even have to log in to the system.

We create your teams

We will set up each of your teams, which includes:

  • Adding players to the teams
  • Accepting/denying players’ spots on the team
  • Adding payments and/or special player payment arrangements
  • And much more!

We manage your teams

We will manage the entire process of your team registrations to ensure all funds are collected from your players and that players are moved from team to team if necessary, and we will document the entire process to make sure nothing slips through the cracks.

We train your admins and coaches

We’ll show your admins and coaches all the tips and tricks we’ve learned over the years, so they know the best ways to use our application too. We’ve found this upfront investment in time helps everyone save time down the road, so your entire organization can get the most out of our platform.

We manage your calendar

We will build out your event calendar to ensure your participants are informed and always up to date on everything that’s happening in your organization.

We send you your reports

Just let us know which reports you want to receive and when. After that, all you will have to do is check your email and the reports will be there for you – on time, every time.

We follow up on declined credit cards

We will use industry best practices, as well as other strategies we've had success with while running other organizations, to work with you to come up with the right follow-up process for handling declined credit cards. We will also create custom rules and processes for how you want us to manage these situations. This way, you're maximizing the revenue coming in while still being in full control of how we communicate with your customers.

We follow up on unpaid invoices

Don't let another payment slip through the cracks! We will send follow-up emails to your participants who haven't yet completed an invoice. This will ensure you collect the money owed to you in a timely manner.

We follow up on incomplete registrations

Let us also send follow-up emails to your participants who haven't completed an event registration and/or team payment, so you can get the most participants possible for your events.

We communicate with your customers

We will create a dedicated email address for your organization (e.g. that will get forwarded to us so we can respond on your behalf. We will then white label the address so all communication looks like it's coming from your organization directly.

Everything is branded in your organization's name so your customers won't even know Team Sports Admin exists and will think you have a world-class support team working for you!

A dedicated phone number

You will be given a local phone number for your participants to call if they need any help at all. From questions about registering to event-specific questions about locations and age groups, what to bring to camp, and making a payment over the phone, we'll answer them all on your behalf.

Your unique phone number will only be used for YOUR organization, and our U.S.-based support staff will answer each call using the name of your organization, so your customers will receive personalized, friendly advice to increase the professionalism of your brand.

Instant chat support for your customers (and you!)

In addition to phone support, we also provide an online chat option for your customers. With the click of a button, your participants who prefer to chat online instead of over the phone can instantly communicate with your own personally branded tech team. This will keep your customers happy and convert more of them during registration to keep your registrations and events running smoothly.

Live chat is also available to anyone in your organization, including coaches and other admins who need a helping hand with anything. It's just another way we will become an extension of your team.

Advanced reporting and automation

We're really excited about our advanced reporting capabilities, and once you see what's possible, we think you will be too. Dive down deeper into your business metrics and reporting by taking advantage of the following features:

  • Automate any event or payment report and have it sent to you via email, Amazon S3, SFTP, or Webhook on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.
  • Get business financial metrics (e.g. the ability to analyze cash flow, LTV, customer churn, and payment type).
  • Drill down into more advanced event metrics and analysis.
  • Monitor registration funnels so you can see people who drop off in the registration process and follow up with them if you want to.
  • Add custom field reporting and calculations.
  • Map out player location data to help focus marketing efforts.
  • Get advanced demographic overlays.
  • And much more...

Let's talk actual prices

We know every organization is run differently and because of this, our pricing is truly unique for each organization. Before we go down the path of providing you special pricing, we need to ensure we are the right fit for you and your organization.

We want this relationship to be a win-win for YEARS to come. That’s why we ask each of our potential customers to reach out to one of our Customer Success Managers as the first step.

Contact us to receive special pricing

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Frequently asked payment questions

We don’t like it when companies nickel and dime us for "hidden" charges after the fact, so we did our best to create a simple pricing structure. However, each organization is different and wants to use different services and features, so we have different fees based on what you use.

In general, when a participant successfully signs up for one of your events, our fees are automatically taken out right when the participant pays. Credit card fees are also deducted, and the remaining amount is deposited into your account. Because we charge per successful registration, this means you’re not locked into an annual contract, and you only pay for what you use.

Many organizations choose to raise the price of their events by a small amount to cover the entire cost of using our platform, which results in your participants paying our fees for you.

Other fees that aren’t always tied to a successful registration include:

  1. Manually adding a participant to an event.
  2. Invoicing a participant.
  3. Successful recurring payments. (If you have a recurring payment or multi-payment option set for your event, we don’t charge the regular successful registration fee on these recurring payments.)
  4. When a participant disputes a charge.

These "Other Fees" are added to a monthly invoice that’s due at the start of the next month.

Also, if you create a free event for participants, our fee per successful registration is added to this monthly invoice.

The bottom line is this: we've been doing this for a while, and we are confident our pricing compares favorably with any of our competitors. We’d be happy to walk you through what the true total costs would be to use our platform and compare us against anybody.

Please schedule some time with someone on our team and we’d be happy to answer any of your questions! is a pay as you go service, therefore, we only offer refunds on our fees when your organization refunds one of your participants.

There are two main fees that are charged at the time a participant registers for one of your events:

  • The Credit Card Fee (CC Fee), which is a small percentage of the total payment amount charged by credit card for each participant after a successful registration, and
  • Our Successful Registration Fee, which is assessed when a participant completes a successful registration.

Unless otherwise agreed upon, these charges are processed immediately when your participant successfully registers for an event.

If you need to refund a participant, your organization will be refunded the entire CC Fee amount that was charged for the initial credit card purchase. We will also refund your organization 50% of the Team Sports Admin Registration Fee.

You also have the ability to give partial refunds. In this case, you will be refunded the same percentage of the CC Fee amount that you are refunding to your participant. For example, if you are giving a 75% refund to your participant, you will also be refunded 75% of the CC Fee. We do not offer a refund of our Successful Registration Fee for partial refunds.

By default, everything is on a 2-business day direct deposit.

We offer ultimate flexibility with daily deposits to your bank account, as well as the ability to schedule deposits by day of the week or month.

We currently allow organizations to select from the currencies listed below. When selected, your customers will be billed in this currency and their payments will be deposited into your bank account within 2 business days with no exchange rate fees applied.

  • United States Dollar (default)
  • Canadian Dollar
  • Australian Dollar

On top of that, all of your forms will default to match the country that corresponds to that currency, making it easier for you and your participants.

*Please note: The currencies listed above are the ones we support for transactions between us and your organization. If you have international participants signing up for your events, we support over 138 currencies, so they can pay in whatever currency is most convenient for them.

Yes, upgrading and downgrading your subscription is super easy. All you need to do is contact us, and we will make sure you are taken care of. We don’t lock you into an annual contract, and because our pricing model is based on successful registrations, you are only paying for what you use.

We would love to. Simply schedule a demo with us and we will walk you through our application and how it can benefit you. We always strive to create a win-win situation, and if we can’t and you’d be better off with a different solution, we will let you know. Our goal is to exceed your expectations as a partner in your business.

Use one of the links below to get in touch with us:

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Want to see Team Sports Admin in action?

Book a demo with a Customer Success Manager to see under the hood of Team Sports Admin.

Are you ready to get started?

Create your account and start accepting registrations in 3 simple steps.