Never hire, ask another parent/guardian to volunteer, or operate your registrations and customer support yourself

Take advantage of the single platform needed to manage your organization without ever having to learn the software or even log in

On the surface, sports management might seem like a crowded space. But our competitors are all playing in what we call the “Do It Yourself” category. As they would say,

“We built this PERFECT tool that can do everything you need. Here’s a quick tour, now go use it and good luck!”

Our “Full-Service” Packages deliver more value on top of our platform. However, notice we offer both options:

  • The “Do-It-Yourself” option, which we call our Professional Package,
  • AND the “Full-Service” options, where we manage everything for you. We call these our All-Star Package and Hall of Fame Package.

We created our Full-Service options as a solution to our own need to automate and run our own sports organizations, and that’s how Team Sports Admin was born

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In our All-Star and Hall of Fame Packages, we take care of the day-to-day mundane tasks (e.g. setting up your registration links, payments, processing refunds, running reports, dealing with customer support, etc.) so you, the organization, can work ON the business and not IN the business. This allows us, the experts at running and simplifying sports organizations, to act as a true extension of your team.

Not to mention, we understand that managing the support of your sports club is probably not your full-time job, that you may have a high turnover of volunteers or parents/guardians with children in the program, and that you might require additional staff as your events approach. That’s why we developed and optimized a custom algorithm based on key metrics to assess our customer success team’s capacity and, as a result, make staffing decisions for your company during peak periods a breeze. This means that your account manager and team will always be available to you and your organization.

Kyle & Shayla

Vancouver Sports ClubJust wanted to let you know what an amazing job Shayla (VSC’s Customer Success Manager) is doing. Her customer service is bar none. She is super responsive, uber professional and always gets things done on time. Kudos to you and the team for the service you provide and special thanks, kudos and appreciation for Shayla. She has been and is a very valuable part of the VSC team.

Roxane and Brian Lee, Organization Directors

Here's what you receive as an All-Star Customer

The perfect package most customers start with

The services that Team Sports Admin provides has allowed us to focus on the bigger picture elements of running our business. Riley, our Customer Success Manager, operates like an extension of our staff while quickly and efficiently responding to all of our customer’s payment and billing questions. Riley makes event creation and reporting easy and we have been very satisfied with the level of communication Riley provides. This service has been worth every penny for us!

Jason & Emily Berkin, Organization Directors

Our All-Star Package is perfect for a large number of our customers and really delivers on one of our main goals as a company: helping you simplify your sports organization. However, some of our larger customers wanted even more, which is why we created our Hall of Fame Package.

Here’s what you’ll receive as a Hall of Fame Customer

These benefits are on top of everything listed above for our All Star customers

You have been great this far. I have total confidence in you and this process. I have the longest tenure of all the directors 15 years… trust me your program is a God send.

Joe Lampkin, Organization Director

All-Star and Hall of Fame support stats

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    Phone calls & tickets resolved
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    Customer satisfaction
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    16 business hours
    Guaranteed response time
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    2 hours 43 minutes 40 seconds
    Average response time

That is AWESOME!!! Thank you so much for this! My son definitely is interested! We will get registered for sure!!!

Lisa H., Parent/Guardian

Thank you, that would be great and thank you for highlighting the sibling discount. Much appreciated!

Ian T., Parent/Guardian

Yes I am done with the registrations for the boys. Thank you for your help!

Judy W., Parent/Guardian

Thank you for your help by providing me with the instructions. Happy Friday!

Lucy Y., Parent/Guardian

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