Branding and usage guidelines

Before grabbing our logo, please be sure to follow the basic rules below.

Team Sports Admin Logo

Correct usage

We’ve created basic guidelines to help you best utilize our logos. Please follow the instructions and if you have any questions or need additional support, feel free to contact us as we are more than happy to help.

Full color

The full color logo should only be used on white or very light, solid color backgrounds.

Logo clear space

Always add space around the logo greater than or equal to the height of the icon.

Minimum logo size

Please don’t display the logo smaller than 175px x 40px or 61.4mm x 14.1mm.

Powered By

You can add “Powered by” before the Team Sports Admin logo to complement your own. However, it must be displayed like the one above.

Incorrect usage

Please don’t modify the logo or suggest sponsorship or endorsement by Team Sports Admin. We reserve the right to ask you to remove our logo at any time for any reason.

Don’t use an out-of-date version of the logo.

Don’t change up the colors in the logo.

Don’t alter the logo in any way.

Don’t use the logo in a phrase.

Don’t use our logo without accompanying it with our company name Team Sports Admin™.